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We generate simulations in operating conditions of industrial equipment


We carry out engineering simulation services in terms of structural analysis, discrete elements and fluid dynamics, we also have the 3D animation service to generate virtual procedures.

UGLY(Finite Element Analysis)

Computer simulation using the finite element method to calculate stresses, deformations, buckling, fatigue, thermal distribution, dynamic analysis of different industrial equipment, metallic or non-metallic structures, in order to optimize or improve the design or performance of the component.

DEM (Discrete Element Method)

Particle flow simulation applied to processes, transport equipment to analyze the behavior of particulate material, obtaining relative yields, energy absorption rates, particle breakage, energy spectra and particle size distribution.

CFD (Computational fluid dynamics)

Simulation of fluids, both liquids and gases, in different real conditions, allows to effectively analyze the effects of fluids, heat transfer, thermal radiation, thermal comfort (HVAC), electronic refrigeration, in different industrial environments, such as transport of fluids, refrigeration rooms.

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